I’m glad you’re here. I hope that my website gives you an idea of who I am, beyond the resume. I’m way more than my job history, although I am proud of my 10 years of experience in roles all through the SDLC. 

I’ve spent the past year living in an RV. You can read all about that on my travel blog. It was a huge leap of faith to sell our home of 7 years in Pittsburgh, 90% of what we owned, and take our lives on the road. The rewards have been amazing – I’ve experienced so much, have an incredible love for the outdoors, and have grown as a person. This lifestyle is both challenging and rewarding. 

The past year of my life, in 3 pictures

After spending the past year freelancing (mostly web + SEO) I’m ready to get back into a full-time job in my wheelhouse – BA/product work. I’m really excited to be on a team again and to be working on bigger projects than I had when I was freelancing. I’m refreshed, living my life in alignment, and I’m truly excited to get back to work full-time.

I’ve left some of my blog archives linked here on my site. Earlier this summer, I tried my hand at learning Swift, but burnt out – mainly because my heart lies in working with people, and teaching myself a new language while on the road was isolating and difficult (no childcare!). I thought about deleting the archives of that learning process but there’s no shame in teaching myself something new. It also confirmed my belief that I’m meant to work with people – both technical and non-technical audiences – to collaborate and figure out what the heck we want to build!

Feel free to poke around here, check out my travel website, and let me know if you have any questions.