Ebay’s Customer Service Approach Allows you to Skip Account Verification

Recently, I had to deal with Ebay’s customer service department and found that they have a pretty cool little way of dealing with phone calls that benefits both the customer and Ebay.

In order to enter the “Call us” section of Ebay, you have to be signed in. Once signed in, you choose which Ebay issue you are calling about and then a PIN is generated.

The PIN expires 15 minutes from when it was generated. When you call Ebay, you are prompted to input the PIN, and you are connected to a representative. The beauty of this process is that the representative already knows your account information and what you are calling about. There is no need to verify who you are, because a PIN can’t be generated unless you are logged in. This saves time both for the customer and for Ebay.

I would love this functionality to be available when I call about any number of things: my credit card, bank account, Amazon order, whatever – the less time I have to spend painstakingly rattling off my first name, last name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name and my favorite food, the better!

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