From QA to Development

I’ve awakened the blog from its almost year-long slumber.

I’m moving from QA/Testing to Development, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I haven’t had much luck finding other women with a similar experience (if you have, or know someone that has, contact me!) so I thought I’d share at least part of my journey.

I’m most concerned that I’m going to fail – that I’ll never “get it”, that my employer will find me worthless, that I’m destined to be on the QA side of software forever. Deep down, I know these feelings are irrational and I am trying to push them aside for the moment as they are not constructive.

I figure that you can’t grow without at least a little bit of pain, so I’m anticipating that this process will be at least a little bit painful in terms of learning a new skill.  Painful, but worth it.

I’m looking forward to creating instead of verifying and validating. Looking forward to learning new things, to contributing to the open source community, to encouraging other women to make the same leap.

I’m almost done with my first application – a simple console app that parses a CSV. I just added error handling and logging today. I also attended a Javascript & jQuery class run by Girl Develop IT Pittsburgh, which inspired confidence in me that I would be able to successfully transition to development.

Here’s to nerves, to learning, and to a change.


So, what do you think ?