Railroad Lullabies

I had no idea that the house I bought was just up the street from a rail yard. The trees hid it so well! Lesson learned for future house purchases: drive to house from ALL directions, not just one, to see what is nearby.

That first night in the new house (nearly 3 years ago now), I was sleeping on my mattress on the floor since I didn’t have bedroom furniture yet. It was December and obviously all of the windows were shut. Exhausted, I laid down only to hear the ear-piercing screeches of…trains. And lots of them. This is a rail YARD, not just a railroad track. This is where the train cars get put together (makes a huge BAM! sound), slow to a screeching (literally) halt, and get filled with coal. It’s so loud that, at times, you can’t hear conversation.

How was I EVER going to sleep?! I am such a light sleeper – even the TV on a low volume keeps me awake when I am trying to sleep. However, as humans do, you get used to things.

I’m still a light sleeper. But that rail yard noise? The thunderous claps, the ear piercing squeals, the numerous, drawn out wails of the horn? It puts me right to sleep. Even with the windows open. Especially with the windows open. And on the nights when the rail yard isn’t busy, the silence is deafening.

The rail yard sings me to sleep.

So, what do you think ?