Lifting Straps: Essential for Beginning Weightlifters

I started weightlifting around the beginning of this year. I lift heavy, and love my new found strength. It’s also nice to be able to step back from running a bit and add in weightlifting workouts for a little bit of variety.

One of the heaviest lifts in my current routine is a dead lift. I kept struggling with dead lifts – it wasn’t the amount of weight that was the problem, it was my lack of grip strength to hold onto the bar with that much weight on it. At first, I didn’t realize that my grip strength was the problem. I just thought that the bar was rubbing too much on my hands and it was painful. I tore 3 pairs of lifting gloves before my husband suggested that lack of grip strength was probably my issue and swiftly ordered these lifting straps.

I want to shout it from the rooftops just how awesome these have been. If I would have known how these $5 straps would improve my comfort and ability while lifting I would have purchased them before I started! Just put your hand through the circle part of the straps and wrap the remaining strap around the bar. It’s kind of difficult to get the hang of the first few times, but after that, it only takes a couple additional seconds. I like that the particular straps I purchased (linked to above) aren’t too thick – any thicker and the bar would be too wide for my hands. The straps make the lift easier on your grip, transferring some of the force needed to grip the bar to your wrists.

I put together a quick collage below to try to show how to use the straps. First, you put your hand into the strap so that the union point of the strap is at the inside of your wrist. To me, it seems like you put them on the opposite way of how your brain thinks you should put them on. At least that’s the case with me! Then, tighten up the strap so it is snug against your wrist. Wrap the excess strap around the bar (I tried to show this in the second-to-last picture, but it was tough). At this point your hand should be inseparable from the bar without unwrapping the strap. Slide your hands (and the straps) to a comfortable spot on the bar if needed. And now, get lifting!

I’m still working on my grip strength so I don’t have to use straps forever. But for this weight lifting beginner, they were essential in getting my feet off the ground with heavier lifts.


How to use Lifting Straps

How to use Lifting Straps

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