I have smart friends.

I have smart friends. And they’re not only smart, but, in some cases, they are entrepreneurial, too! My friends Andy and Shannon left their full time jobs behind (Andy was my boss, the Director of Software Engineering) to pursue their own business. Together, they have created Giftbug, an online gift registry without limits. Get to know Andy and Shannon here. They’ve worked so hard on Giftbug and I really admire their determination in seeing their dream to fruition. What they’ve created is certainly very impressive!



I’ve created registries before, but they’ve always been retailer-specific. One for Amazon, one for Macy’s, etc. Giftbug provides a centralized location for all of your heart’s desires!  Another thing I like about GiftBug is that you can add generic items to your registry, such as “Coffee Beans” or “Charitable Donation to an Organization.” No doubt about it, it’s been pretty fun to think about all the stuff I want. Check out my Giftbug registry here.

No doubt about it, Shannon, Andy, and the product they’ve built is inspiring. So go check out GiftBug and see the vision of two entrepreneurs come to life!

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