Oracle Virtual Box – Finding Bridged Adapters

I recently set up Oracle Virtual Box for the first time. Prior to this, I was using Microsoft Virtual PC. I had some trouble getting virtual box to “see” my network adapters, and after a Google search, I tried a bunch of different things to fix it. So for anyone having the problem of seeing nothing in the “name” drop-down when you choose “Bridged Adapter” under the Networking option of Virtual Box, here’s what fixed it for me. I’ve pasted a screenshot of the problem below.

To Fix:

1. Uninstall Virtual Box

2.  Open the Registry Editor

3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network\MaxNumFilters​   (If you can’t find this key in this location (I couldn’t) search for MaxNumFilters.)

4. Change this value to something greater than what it currently is. I changed mine to 14.

5. Re-boot your host PC

6. Re-Install Virtual Box



So, what do you think ?