“Show Your Work” at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

On March 12, I presented my work at an event called “Show Your Work” at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. The goal of the event is to give 5 technology entrepreneurs the chance to present their ideas and their progress on them. The entrepreneurs then get feedback from both a panel and the audience.

Everyone’s startups/ideas were at different stages: some were still ideas, others had been executed on but were still not to a stable product/service offering, and others were more mature products with sales numbers.

I had a good time talking about my work on incruiter, and somehow, wasn’t too nervous and didn’t forget anything! I credit the welcoming, laid-back environment for this event! The feedback from both the panel and the audience was excellent, and I will be incorporating a lot of it into my product. Here are my 3 main feedback takeaways, things I need to work on:

1. Strategy for making the site ‘sticky’ – A user needs a reason to come back to incruiter more often than only when he/she is seeking a job.

2. Digital Badging – Using digital badging instead of star ratings for recruiters. This will provide a more complete picture of what areas recruiters specialize in.

3. Creating inertia – Driving people to the site for the first time. This is an effort that needs to go beyond SEO and to a bigger picture awareness of incruiter.

Obligatory picture of me presenting:


I found out about “Show Your Work” thanks to my friends Andy and Shannon of giftbug. Shannon presented at the event last year. I’m very glad that they told me about it – it was a great experience to “Share MY Work” and hear what others are working on. Thanks to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for organizing this event!


So, what do you think ?