Podcasts: Inspiration in Audio Form

I’ve listened to podcasts before, but it was always spotty listening, an episode here or there. I never took the time to procure a list of podcasts that I liked and stuck with them. Recently, Emily gave me some podcast suggestions. I started with her lists, and listening led to more listening, and now I have quite the list of podcasts that I enjoy.

I find that listening to podcasts really helps to pass my commute time. I also listen to them when I’m cooking, cleaning, or walking. I’ve tried listening to them at work, but I can’t seem to listen very well while also critically thinking (which is necessary for the type of work I do).

I’ve been using the Podcast Addict app, which I really like. I haven’t had any problems with lagging or the app freezing. I download a bunch of episodes while I’m at home on WiFi so that I don’t have to stream them when I’m away from the house. Have I mentioned that I really need a bigger data plan? 2GB just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Here are some of the podcasts I’m loving, and why:

1. The Lively Show


Jess’s tagline for The Lively Show is “This show aims to uplift, inspire, and add a little extra intention to your day” and IMO, that’s exactly what the show accomplishes! This is my favorite podcast right now. Jess has a lot of awesome free content on her website, mostly focused on intentional living. Through Jess’s podcast, I’ve found out about #2…

2. Happier  with Gretchen Rubin


Both Gretchen and her sister, Liz, narrate this podcast. At the end of every episode, they do a “Demerit” and a “Gold Star” where they bring up one situation each weekwhich was a happiness “Demerit”, and another which is a “Gold Star”. I like hearing real life experiences. Sometimes it’s easy to think that someone like Gretchen, because she’s a happiness expert, is always happy. The Gold Star/Demerit section makes her more relate-able.

I also found out about this quiz through Gretchen’s podcast. It’s called the “Four Tendencies” quiz and it was created to help you understand yourself better, so that you can understand how to make or break habits. I’m “The Questioner”! Here’s a link to explanation of the results.

3. Ask Altucher


This podcast is all over the place, content wise, but that’s part of the reason I love it. I’m a big fan of James and I would describe him as a free-thinker who will challenge you to do the same. Be prepared to leave your assumptions at the door for this podcast!

4. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert



You probably know Elizabeth  Gilbert as the author of Eat, Pray, Love. While this is true, Liz has also written other books (including Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – which I am dying to read. It’s on my Amazon wishlist!) and she now also has a podcast. It’s still somewhat new, I believe there are 9 episodes as of this writing. Liz’s podcasts are all about getting “unstuck” and discovering what is holding you back from living the life you want. She takes questions from people like you and me, which is a nice change of pace from “celebrity guests”.

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