Wool Socks

Now that we are finally getting some cold weather in Pittsburgh, I’m making use of my wool socks daily. If the temperature is 40 or below, they’re the only thing that keep my feet warm, but never sweaty. As someone who is perpetually cold, this is a big deal.

For some reason, I didn’t discover wool socks until my early 20’s, when my then-boyfriend (now husband) introduced them to me. Now I’m hooked, and I feel obligated to spread the word about just how awesome wool socks are. However, not just any old wool socks will do. Wool socks with the following characteristics are far superior, and, dare I say, worth the money (if you know me, this should mean a lot):

  1. Fabric content of at least 70% merino wool. This information is on the packaging of the socks and is the most important factor.
  2. Above the ankle – the higher, the better. What’s the point of keeping your foot nice and toasty if your ankles are cold?! Winter calls for boots, and high socks work better under boots as well.
  3. Fabric content has some spandex or stretchy feel. If there is no stretch built in, some wool socks can be difficult to put on. And…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Personal Recommendations:

  1. If you are a woman with size 8 feet or above, consider men’s wool socks. In my experience, they are thicker and therefore last longer.
  2. Smartwool socks. The best brand I’ve found. I find them at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Sierra Trading Post for half the price of Amazon.
  3. Costco also makes a nice 4-pack of wool trail socks. They have them in the warehouse, not online. Not as good as Smartwool, but they are less than half the price.
  4. Dry them on low, or air dry. They do shrink easily – and can be stretched back out – but it’s better to not shrink them in the first place.

Treat your feet this winter with a good pair of wool socks, and I can guarantee you’ll soon be ditching the cotton blend socks all winter long!

So, what do you think ?