Don’t Let Anybody Ruin Your Day

Ten years ago, I was a student at Penn State. Although a lot of things from those 4 years have stuck with me, there is one memory that always brings a smile to my face. My now-husband (of 5 years), and at the time, boyfriend of, well, not very long, lived in South Halls dorms on campus (Haller Hall, specifically, if you’re a PSU Alum!). They’ve since been re-done and are now beautiful, but Haller Hall used to look like the picture below.


Almost any time you walked into Haller Hall, you were greeted by Rich, the janitor. He was always busy sweeping the stairwells, cleaning the bathrooms, trying his best to polish the turd that Haller Hall was…haha. Rich was intellectually disabled and had an awesome attitude. On our way out of the dorm, he’d often shout after us, “Don’t let anybody ruin your day!” How great is that? It has stuck with my husband and I for ten years now and will continue to stick with us for the rest of our lives. In fact, I dropped my husband off this morning with an ode to Rich, saying “Don’t let anybody ruin your day!” as he left the car. It makes us both laugh, thinking of the memory. So, Rich, thanks for the encouragement and the reminder that the fate of each day lies in our own attitude.

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