Consistent Priorities

Life is all about priorities. It sounds so cliche, but it’s a statement that rings more true for me with every passing year. When I think about why I didn’t get something done, it always boils down to one fact: I didn’t make it a priority. This can be hard to admit, especially when it comes to something like thinking about why I haven’t seen certain friends in so long. It’s because somewhere along the way, it wasn’t someone’s priority (I say someone, because it either wasn’t my priority, or my friend’s, or maybe both).

How do I manage to always get my workouts in? They are a priority because I recognize that exercising on a regular basis has benefits that trickle into all areas of my life. But why have I not made the progress that I had intended to on my startup? I haven’t made it a consistent priority, that’s why. It’s not easy to admit this to myself, but it’s the truth. I’ve always been good at forcing myself to do things. It’s become a joke with one of my closest friends, we are usually “forcing ourselves” to do things. Another friend told me that I am tenacious. So it’s time to take that tenacity and force myself to make my startup a consistent priority in my life.

Take a step back – according to your actions, what are your priorities in life?

So, what do you think ?