I’m a Content Author for Moms Can Code

It’s no secret by now that a lot of my blog content is focused on working in IT/software development, specifically about being a business analyst. I do believe that there is interesting work to be had in IT, and that there are so many directions to take your career in, you never have to be stuck. It is a career that rewards constantly learning, keeping your skills sharp, and adding new skills to your repertoire. In August, I went to the Moms Can Code launch event in Pittsburgh. The basic premise of Moms Can Code is to provide a community + resources for those learning to code – to make the journey less lonely.

I knew immediately after attending the launch event that I wanted to create some content for Moms Can Code. I’ve worked in IT for almost 10 years now, and I have a thing or two I’d like to share. So I combined all of my business analyst knowledge and experience and tried to explain it without a lot of the “tech talk” that can sometimes confuse people. I submitted this to Moms Can Code, and it is now a part of their membership. Membership is only $5 a month and if you join through my link, I get a small portion of that (I donated the content for free). So join Moms Can Code and take a step in exploring software development as a career.

So, what do you think ?