I am a mom, a people-person, a podcaster, an outdoors and exercise enthusiast, and a techie. I’ve worked for the past 10 years in software development – starting out as a QA engineer, then a .NET developer, then a business analyst (BA). Having roles in almost all of the SDLC sure has taught me a lot about how software is made…and my only conclusion is, it’s not as easy as you’d think! It’s certainly a career that requires a lot of brain power, no such thing as mindless work. I really like that about it – most of the time.

Out of all of the hats that I’ve tried on, BA has been the best fit for my personality. I love interacting with people – both end users and the team behind the scenes writing the code and creating the designs. I’ve always been a person who needs to understand the why – of everything, not just software – I’m a questioner. I don’t mind standing up in front of a room and facilitating a meeting or giving a presentation. In fact, that sort of thing gives me energy, rather than depletes it.

I’m pretty passionate about the fact that software development is a cool career, and I can believe you can take it in whatever direction you want to. I spread the word when I can, and have done multiple presentations for Moms Can Code and I’ve also spoken at local high schools about careers in software development.

The past year of my life has been pretty darn amazing

I’ve spent the past year living in an RV and traveling the country with my family. We sold our house in Pittsburgh in June 2017 and have been on the road since. My life feels like an open book – the vast majority of it is chronicled on our travel website, Rolling On A Whim. We’re also active on Instagram. From those two links, you can find out almost anything you want to know about me, so creep away!