My Second Rodeo: iOS Development

I wanted to write this blog to keep a journal of sorts on the process of learning to code. Maybe it will help someone else. When I first learned to code, I already had a familiarity with software. I have a degree in Information Science from Penn State. My first job was doing QA work. Before I knew it, I was lead QA in my early 20’s and thought – can this really be it? I found QA repetitive (I was doing manual testing) and knew I needed to expand my skills. I asked to be moved into a developer role at my company, and I was immediately thrown into the fire – I had no clue what I was doing, but I was expected to contribute immediately. No mentors, no guidance – nothing. I ended up learning C#/.NET and was working on a web application that mainly used WebForms….yay for old technology.

I spent about a year as a developer in a very poor work environment without any support whatsoever. I wasn’t creating anything new – instead I was just fixing things or making improvements to the existing product. I felt like I was missing the “bigger picture” and knew that my desire to understand that was actually rare in the software world. So again, a role switch – this time I became a Business Analyst (BA).

I’ve spent the past few years as a business analyst and it’s a good fit for my personality. I’m a questioner by nature, and want to understand the “WHY” behind everything. I write good requirements (my former role as a developer helps with that…A LOT), and I understand technical concepts and can translate them into plain English for the business.

So how does that bring me here, into learning iOS development? Well, I have an app idea (who doesn’t?) but no really, I have an app idea that I actually think I can build. In the process of building my app, I’ll obtain a valuable skill – learning Swift. We are living on the road, making it hard to do BA work. I’d like to do freelance with my dev skills. It seems like freelance development is a lot more available than freelance BA work.

So I’m used to old C# programming. I’m interested to see how Swift compares. I’m going to start with some tutorials and go from there.

Sporting my “Binary Babes” t-shirt about 5 years ago. I got this shirt when I was involved with WIST (Women in IST) at Penn State.

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