On The Road Again: Balancing Childcare and Coding

After 5 weeks back in Pittsburgh to visit family and friends, we are officially back on the road. We are going back out West, but this time, we are headed north. The first stop we are really excited for is Custer State Park in South Dakota, so we’ve got just a bit of driving before we get there!

Family pic as we were leaving Pittsburgh

I’m a little nervous to see how my coding journey goes from the road. I have some freelance SEO/marketing work that I do, but it’s easy to do this work whenever I can squeeze it in. It doesn’t require my full concentration and setting up the second monitor like coding does! One thing I both love and hate about learning a new skill is that you must be fully concentrated on it. Trying to learn while being constantly interrupted by a 2 year old just won’t work.

In Pittsburgh I was able to get a lot of coding done because Calla was able to spend a lot of time with her grandparents. On the road, we have no childcare – it’s the 3 of us, 24/7. Tim has freelance work that he must get done also. So we have to juggle the following:

  • My freelance work
  • Tim’s freelance work
  • Childcare
  • Traveling
  • Learning to Code
  • Working on my app idea

The thought of trying to balance all of that makes my head spin. But I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as actual balance…you will always feel like one of those areas (or more) is suffering. And you just have to accept that uncomfortable feeling! It means you are living a full life.

I know from past experience that getting worked up over it doesn’t help anything, so we will have to take it one day at a time. Tim and I are going to try to alternate workdays, so one of us will be responsible for Calla for a good chunk of time (4 hours?) one day, and the other will take on that responsibility the next day, and we will alternate.

Right now, we are driving every day (not something we like to do…usually our minimum stay somewhere is 2 days) trying to get back out West. It’s not conducive to getting anything done, because as anyone who has RVed can tell you, a travel day takes all day between packing up to leave, then driving, then unpacking…you’re lucky if you get a couple hours to decompress before bedtime and you wake up and do it all over again.

I have my eyes on 3 days at Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin…that will be my first chance at making some progress. Wish me luck!

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